2 Ways to remove Google Search bar on Android without root

2 Ways to remove Google Search bar on Android without root

Some people love the Google search bar sitting on their home screen, but others would rather free up space for app shortcuts. Here’s 2 Ways to Remove Google Search bar on Android without rooting your phone.Just Read The Post And Remove The Google Search Bar From Your Phones Home Screen Without Root It Or Any Problem.

1. Use a custom launcher To remove Google Search bar

A better alternative is to install a custom launcher, which allows you to customise the way your Android home screen looks and works without removing any functionality from the phone.

There are literally thousands of free launcher apps, many of which can be found in Google Play. (We’d recommend sticking to only those launchers for security reasons.Because Many Of Free Launchers Are Full Of Ads And Some Of Them Install Unnecessary Apps In Your Phone.)

Simply go to the Play Store and install the launcher you most like the look of. There are paid-for and free launchers.

2. Disable the Google app To remove Google Search bar

The second easiest way to remove the search bar is to disable the Google app. However, it’s not ideal because that space doesn’t then become available for app shortcuts. It also stops Google Now working, so use this method only if you want to remove the search bar for aesthetic reasons.Below Are The Steps To Disable The Google App

• Open Settings

• Select Apps

• Choose Google App

• Tap Disable

• Tap Disable App when prompted

So, By Following These Steps You Can Disable The Google App.

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