Download & Install Android USB Drivers for Windows To Upgrade And Root Phone

Download & Install Android USB Drivers for Windows To Upgrade And Root Phone

Today in this guide we provide the direct link to Download And Install Android USB Drivers for all the latest devices like Google Nexus, LG, HTC, Sony, OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Moto, etc. You must Download Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac to transfer data, unlock your bootloader,  installing TWRP or issue a command in fastboot mode. All the latest Windows operating system already come with built-in USB drivers for most Android devices. But these are the generic drivers for Android devices means you can only transfer files via USB cable but if you want to root your device, to enable USB debugging or connect to PC suit then you need a proper android driver. You can Download Android USB Drivers from the bottom of the page.

You can download the latest device specific drivers from many Android phone makers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc. from their official websites, but we can also share the direct link with that you can Download Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac. The best way to installing an Android USB drivers is by installing ADB and Fastboot on your device. This maybe not a complete list but we cover as much as possible. So Download Android USB Drivers for Windows from below links.

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Download Android USB Drivers for Windows

1) Google USB Driver

2) Samsung USB Driver

3) HTC USB Driver

4) LG USB Driver

5) Motorola USB Driver

6) Sony USB Driver

7) Xiaomi USB Driver

8) OnePlus USB Driver

9) OPPO USB Driver

10) Acer USB Driver

11) ASUS USB Driver

12) ALCATEL USB Driver

13) Amazon USB Driver

14) Dell USB Driver

15) Intel USB Drivers

16) Huawei USB Driver

17) ZTE USB Driver

18) Lenovo USB Drivers

19) Fujitsu USB Drivers

20) Toshiba USB Drivers

21) Gionee USB Drivers

22) YU USB Driver

From here you can Download Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac. We cover as much as possible and will update more device soon. If you didn’t find your device driver comment below, we would try to provide it as soon as possible.


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