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Easy Methods To Add Whatsapp Share Button In Blogger Blog

Add Whatsapp Share ButtonWhatsapp is the most popular social networking mobile app in the world with more than 900 Million active users every month. In this post we sharing 2 easy ways to insert Whatsapp share button in your blogger blog.

Why Should Use Whatsapp Share Button?

Whatsapp is the most used social networking app presently. Whatsapp is a small mobile app with easy interface to connect with your loved one quickly and securely, So Whatsapp becomes popular day by day. By adding Whatsapp share button in your blog your readers can easily share your interesting articles with their friends, Which will helps to improve your blogs page views.

How to Add Whatsapp Share Button in Blogger? Method 1

  • Go to blogger admin panel & click on Template
  • Take a backup by clicking on Backup/Restore Button
  • Then click on Edit HTML button
  • Find the old share button code
  • Add Whatsapp share button script given below with old share button script carefully
  • Preview your template & save it if everything fine. Then browse your blog with an Android or iOS device and share your posts using Whatsapp share button.
Whatsapp Share Script

Copy it:

Notes: The above script is used to insert small Whatsapp share button, for large and medium buttons change wa_btn_s to wa_btn_l (Large Button) or wa_btn_m (Medium Button)

How to Add Whatsapp Share Button in Blogger? Method 2

  • Go to www.whatsapp-sharing.com
  • Generate the Whatsapp share button and add it on your blog
  • Go to Addthis.com
  • Sign up & Generate share buttons with Whatsapp share button
  • Add the generated share buttons script to blogger HTML/JavaScript widget

Thats It.


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