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12 Effective SEO Strategies For Getting Higher Rank In 2018

12 Effective SEO Strategies For Getting Higher Rank In 2018

Hello Friends In This Post, I Am Going To Tell You About 12 Effective SEO Strategies For Getting Higher Rank In 2018.By Using These SEO Strategies You Can Easily Increase Your Visitors And Able To Get Higher Rank In 2018.As You, All Know That Google’s search algorithm Are Now Often Get Some Update. This Update Will Affect Your SEO And Your SERP. You Can Check Latest Google’s search algorithm Update From AdvancedWebRanking.Com.

So, It Necessary That You Have Some Effective And Best Strategies To Keep You Site SERP Higher And Increase Visitors, During This Evolution Time Of Google’s search algorithm.Make Sure That Google Will Never Penalised Your Site And Never Fallback Your SERP.As You, All Know In Some Past Days Some Of Link Building And SEO Strategies For Getting Visitors Are Are Banned And Listed As A Manual Action From Google.So, You Need To Be More Careful With The On-Page SEO And Off-Page SEO, But It’s Not Mean That Google Is Your Enemy.Google Only Want To Provide Real, Unique And Useful Content To Their Users.So, Never Fear From Any Update of Google’s search algorithm, Just Change Your SEO Strategy According To Google’s search algorithm. Then You Feel That Google Is One Of Your Best Friend.

So, In This Post, I Am Going To Tell You Top 12 And Effective And Easy SEO SEO Strategies For Getting Higher Rank And Getting More Visitors In 2018.So, Follow These Strategies And Keep Your Site In Good Search Engine Rank Position In 2018. These Strategies are Below:-

List of Top 12 Effective SEO Strategies For Getting Higher Rank In 2018

1. Submitting Your Link To Wikipedia:-

This Is The Best And Much Difficult Task In SEO Strategies That Will Work Not Only Work Well, Rather It’s Better Than Any Other SEO Strategy.If you are successful in linking Wikipedia in any way, then it will prove to be very beneficial for your blog. This is such a link that will improve the search position of your blog in one night. Although Wikipedia links are No-Follow Because They Pass Serious Authority To Any Linked Domain.

But many webmasters fail to understand that Wikipedia is an open directory in which anybody can contribute. But while submitting your link in Wikipedia, you have to be careful enough, because if You spamming Them, Then your submission will be removed and your Account will be blocked.

So to avoid this Problem, search for an experienced wiki writer and make the request to put your link on Wikipedia. Even if he takes some money from you for this work, then there is no problem.Because if your competition is low Then A Single Wiki link Can Take your site in the best position in the Search engine in overnight.

2. Optimise You Post For Only A Single Keyword:-

This is Also A Great Strategy To Get Better Search Position And More Visitors To Your Site In 2018.Many Webmasters Try To Index More Then Keywords For A Specific Post, But Its No More Than A Wastage Of Resource.Because each Post can only be excellently optimized for Only one keyword.

If You Are Using Long-Tail Keyword, Then You Need To Write A Long-Form Blog Post That Is Centered Around That Keyword.You Can Also Use Variations Of Your Long Tail Keywords In Your Post Because That Makes Content Appear Natural.

You Need To Write Unique Content In Every Post And Also Optimise It For A Single Keywords So that you can get more visitors to your Blog.When you make this strategy your habit and target each post for only one keyword, Then your search ranking will increase And your visitors will also grow.

3. Optimize Your Post For RankBrain:-

Only Writing Unique Content And Targeting It Only For One Keyword Is Not Enough To Get Rank In 2018.You Need To Write Content That Optimizes For RankBrain.

Artificial Intelligence is the future and there is no doubt that Google will lead the way In Future.Here is the official definition of RankBrain for those that aren’t 100% certain:

“RankBrain is an algorithm learning artificial intelligence system, the use of which by Google was confirmed on 26 October 2015. It helps Google to process search results and provide more relevant search results for users.”

So, According To The Definition Of RankBrain Its A Super Human.Who Easily Read Any Document Or Content And Understand It Like A Human. It can quickly identify A poorly written content Or A plagiarised Content that’s Not so Easy And Possible For A Normal human.

By Using Rankbrain Now Google Can Analyse Any Poorly written Content That Doesn’t Sound Like A Human Conversation.So The Biggest Problem Is Here That Now You Need To Write A Post Like You Are having a real conversation with another human being or With Your Visitors.So, If Your Post Simply Does Not Meet This Basic Requirement of RankBrain Then Google Will penalize You With Your site’s position.You Can Read Here More About Google RanBrain:-

All about the Google RankBrain algorithm

4. Using InfoGraphics In Your Post:-

Now In Present Time, You Can Increase You Traffic Nearly 10X By Using Infographics In Your Post. Infographics Are Graphics Or Images That are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.According to Hubspot, 40% of people will respond better To A visual information than text, while photos/images on Facebook get shared five times more than A text.Infographics Are Shareable, Linkable and Evergreen Assets Of A Site or Blog.By Using Infographics You Can Easily Explain Complex Data, Facts and Figures through Visual Form In Your Post.

So, If You Use Infographics Then It Will Turns Into A evergreen Content Asset That Will Drive More Contents On Your Blog For Next Few Months Or Years (Times Depend To Infographics Subject Popularity And Search Terms)

5. Optimize The Post Title For Multiple Keywords:-

What, am I saying this, when I first asked You To optimize the post Only for the One keyword. But at the time of the title, you have an option that you can optimize it for two or three keywords.For Example, In My Case Suppose I Am Writing A Post On ‘How To Root Galaxy S8’ But if I write it like this ‘How To Root Galaxy S8 And Install TWRP Recovery On It’, Then It Will Give Me Opportunity To Add More Text Related To Install TWRP Recovery On Galaxy S8 And Images.Therefore its usage will not only increase the length of my post but it will also attract those organic visitors who searched For ‘How to install TWRP on Galaxy S8’ On Google.

So that’s why I’m asking you to optimize your post’s title for two or three keywords.So that you can get more visitors to your posts and blogs and improve your Alexa and search engine result position and make it even better.So, Next Time Remember This Strategie And Use It When You Write You Next Post.But Keep In Mide That You Should Need To Keep Your Title Length up to 65 characters including spaces for best possible rendering In Search Results.

6. Focus On Only Niche Related Backlinks:-

Now In 2018, Only Quantity Of Backlinks Not Enough To Provide You A Higher Rank In Search Engine.Now You Need To Create Backlinks Related To Your Blog/Post Niche.Here ‘s My Intent From Niche Related To Try To Get Backlinks From Those Blogs, Forums Or Any Other Source That Related To Your Targeted Keyword Or Blog/Post Title.For Example, My This Post Is Related To SEO, And Increase Visitors, So Increase Its SERP I Am Try To Create Backlinks From Those Websites Who Are Related To SEO And Content Marketing.

On Other Side, If You Try To Create Backlinks From An Automobile Or Helth Blog, Then The Quality Of Backlink Get Decrease. Because There Is No relevance to the original content and backlink content.So, Try To Keep relevance Between The Original Content And Backlink Content So That The Quality Of Content Keep On.

Not Only This, If You Try To Create Low-Quality Backlinks Or irrelevant backlinks Then You Need To Beware Of Google Penguin algorithm.Because Google Penguin algorithm penalizes websites that are Trying To Create low quality and irrelevant backlinks to their website For Getting Higher Rank In Search Position.

You Can Read More About Backlinks Here:-

What Are Backlinks in SEO and Their Importance In SERP

How To Create quality Backlinks in 2018 For Better Ranking Results

7. Try To Write Long, Unique, And Quality Content:-

For Get Better Rank And Extra Visitors In 2018, You Need To Write Long, Unique, And Quality Content.In Past, there Are No Difficulties In SEO.In That Time You Just Need To Write A Content, No Matter How?. And If You Write It Then Google Start Sending Visitors To It. But Now SEO And Writing Content are More Harder. You Need To Follow Some Guidelines During SEO, For Save Your Blog From Google Penguin algorithm penalizes.Now You Need To Write More Long Content For Getting Higher Rank In Search Engine.Not Only This You Need To Write It Unique And Related To Your Targeted Keywords.And Also You Can Not Copy It From Anywhere If You Do This Google Will Caught You And Penalize You Site And Decrease You SERP.

For Check That Your Content Are Unique Or Not, You Need To Use A Plagiarism Checker Tool.There Are Many Free Premium And Free Plagiarism Checker Tools Available Online, But If You Want A Free One Then I Suggest You SmallSeoTools Plagiarism Checker Tool.It’s A Great Tool That I Use For My Site.

Now Second Thing You Need To Write Long Content If You Want To Get Rank On Google.At That Time You Need To Write Minimum 1890 Post If You Want To See Your Site On Google First Result Page.I am not alone, Who Are Saying This, You Can Also Read Brian Dean Post On Backlinko We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO.

8. Make Your Site Mobile And Voice Search Friendly:-

Now In 2108, You Need To Optimize Your Website To Make It Mobile And Voice Search Friendly.According To News18.com In 2018, India Have 530 Million Smartphone Users. So, In 2018 Mobile Internet Users Are More Than Those Who Use PC Or Laptop For Use Internet.So, For Getting More Visitors to Your Site, You Need To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly.Google Also Give Those Site Priority Whose Are AMP Ready.Now Next, Not Mobile Friendly Is Enough To Get Higher Rank And Visitors In 2018, You Also Need To Customize Your Site For Google Voice Search.You Need To Optimize Your Content With Conversational Keyword For Getting Maximum Benefits From Voice Search Option.

9. Move Your URL From http To https:-

Yet, This Is Not A Great Rank Signal, But Google Planned To Make It A Rank Signal In Future.Yet It’s Affect Your SEO Only 1 Percent, But According To GoogleBlog In Coming Days They Will Make it A Great Rank Signal.In Current Time Approximately 68 Percent People Believe That Present Present Laws Are Not Enough To Protect Their Rights.So, They Always Request To Create A Law For Secure Their Rights.And You Know Google Always Says “Security Of Our Customers is A Top Priority For us”, So In Order To Provide More Security To Users In 2014 Google Announced https As A Ranking Signal.But Until Now It’s Not The Main Factor That Will Affect Your SEO, But It Affects Users, Browsers And Search Engines Trust That Your Site Is Safe For Visit.

Here You Can Check My Blog SSL Certificate Security Level And Configuration

10. Create A Great Presence On Social Media:-

Think About Social Media.They Have Millions Of Active Users.So, It’s A Great Way To Increase Visitors And SERP Also.Social Media Works As A Reminder And A Infographer For A User, For Example In My Blog Cause, Suppose I Am Write A Post “How To Upgrade Your Redmi Note 4 To MIUI 9” And Publish It And Shares Its Link On Social Media. Now When The Redmi Note 4 Users Read My This Post Then They Visit My Blog For More Info About It And They Also Share It If They Like It.So, Its Double Benefit For Me, Because not only They Visit my blog, but They also encourage Their friends to Visit my blog.So, You Need To Daily Publish Your Links On Social Media.

You Can Also Read Andy Crestodina’s Post About How Does Social Media Affect SEO? For Know More About Social Media Affect On SEO.

11. Improve Your Site Load Speed:-

O My God, How I Forgot Include This.But Well Now I Am Going To Tell You About An Best And Another Factor Which Effect Your Site Rank Mostly.Its The Load Speed Of Your Site.Load Speed Is A Major Rank Factor Of A Site And Google Officially Confirmed And Announced It On April 09, 2010 That Your Site Load Speed Will Affect Your SERP.You Can Read This Announcement Here.So, Try To Speed Up Your Site.

On Other Hand, It’s Not Effect Only Your SERP, Its Also Effect Your Visitors.Now, Think Like A User, How Much Time You Wait For Load A Site.

I Bet Not For a Long Time.

So That’s Reason, You Need To Speed Up Your Loading Time Otherwise Users Will Leave Your Site And They Search For Any Other.

So, To Increase Your Load Time You Need To Cut Down Your All Unnecessary Information. And You Need To Use GZIP compression To Optimize Your Site For Speed.

12. Update Your Old Blog Post:-

For Getting Better Rank And Indexing In Google You Need To Update Your Old Bog Post Because Google And Users Both Like To Read Updated Info.In fact, Google Loves It.Google Always Gives Priority To Updated And New Info.You Need To Update Your Blog Post Because If Any User Found That This Info Is Too Old Then They Leave You Site Because Nobody Likes Outdated Info.So Update Your Info To Retain Yor Loyal Visitors.And Updating Post Also Give Us Chances To Get Rid Of Our Mistakes That We Made In Past During Writing The Post.

So, These Are 12 Effective SEO Strategies For Getting Higher Rank In 2018.If I Missed Some Then You Can Tell By Comment, Also Share Your Review About This Post.

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